Focus Mastery: Best Way to Test Concentration Frequently

Focused sharpness is one’s ability to acquire knowledge, think, and reflect profoundly. The ability to concentrate despite a distraction of boredom or fatigue is a skill that requires a lot of self-discipline and maintenance.

Do you pay attention to how you concentrate? How often are you testing your ability to focus on a task no matter what is going on around you? How often are you testing it, if your mind is focused or wandering away? A frequent test on your concentration level will help you deal more efficiently with your intrusive thoughts.

This is because you will start to have a well-developed set of strategies to apply yourself when you need to. A conscious effort to be aware of your concentration level is the only way which help one overcome moments of lack of attention. You need to continuously perform tasks of sustained attention.

How well you can stay alert during a boring and repetitive task. Being aware of what you are thinking is known in psychology as meta-awareness, and it is highly beneficial if you want to stop your mind from going too far away.

Here are some concentration tests you can frequently apply,

Rules: Think how well you are doing on a scale ranging from 1 to 5, with 01 being the minimum agreement and 05 being the maximum agreement with that statement regarding this test.

Test 01: Is your mind wandering away when you are working on your tasks?

Test 02: When trying to focus on a task very irrelevant information is coming up into your mind.

Test 03: When you need to concentrate you can tune out your environment.

Test 04: Are you arranging your schedule so that you can work on those tasks that require the most concentration during the time of day when you have the highest energy level?

Test 05: Are you having trouble concentrating during the day because you are always worrying about other things? Are you scheduling side time to deal with these issues?

Test 06: Are you rewarding yourself with little self-rewards for being able to concentrate? Do you have any rule that if you focus intensively for a particular time frame on one task, you can take a break to get a cup of coffee when you are done a small pause or a little walk?

Test 07: Do take regular breaks throughout the day as they also help you concentrate better.

Test 08: Does it happen to you that despite your best intentions you just cannot focus?

Test 09: Do you try to create an optimal environment when you need to focus (a comfortable and welcoming environment)?

Test 10: Are you usually enthusiastic about the task you are doing?

Test 11: are you considering wherever it might help to switch to a new topic? Take a little rest, then examine what you’ve done so far to replenish your brain batteries.

Many students improve their concentration by changing the subject we are studying everyone to 2 hours. You pay more attention to something that is different and you can give yourself that variety by changing the subject you study regularly.

Test 12: in between periods of concentration, are you doing things to change your physical and mental activity? For example, moving around to boost your circulation. If you have been sitting it can give your brain and your focus.

Test 13: Are you using questions and are you taking notes to help you focus when reading reference material or listening to a lecture? Are you using questions or are you ever passively reading through it or listening?

Test 14: do you like doing more than one thing at a time?

Test 15: Can you complete a task in spite of people discouraging you?

Test 16: Are you scheduling a small task for a given time of the day when the scheduled time is due, are you starting the work or are you procrastinating?

Test 17: When you open a website to search for something, do you often end up chatting with your friends?

Test 18: Are you shifting position in your seat every so often? Don’t sit very frozen in one position. The move will help keep the blood circulating, sending more oxygen to your brain and helping to remain alert.

Testing your concentration frequently is a strategy that requires practice. You will notice considerable improvement within 4 to 6 weeks of training your mind to test consistency. In the end, do challenge your attention by testing it and balance different types of testing to ensure all mental muscles are being worked intensely. Thank you very much.

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