Furies (2024) Full Season 01 Series Now Available on OTT Platform Netflix English Dubbed

Furies (2024) is an exciting Netflix series that delves into the dark and dangerous world of Paris’s criminal underworld. The online series “Furies” (Season 1) premiered on the OTT Platform on March 1, 2024. This action drama crime web series revolves around six powerful families who control the city’s crime scene, with the Fury acting as the peacekeeper among them. However, when the peace is disrupted, chaos ensues, and secrets are revealed. The story follows a young woman determined to avenge her father’s death and the tangled web of crime she becomes a part of. You can watch Furies exclusively on Netflix. Head over to their official website and sign up for a subscription to start streaming this gritty action drama. Don’t miss out on the intense and captivating storyline that will keep you hooked from the first episode to the last. Netflix has all of the episodes available for viewing online. We will provide links to all episodes once the series is available on the online platform. The series’ official digital partner is Netflix. The only legal method to see the web program is to subscribe. You may also get full online applications from numerous websites; however, we do not condone piracy.

Furies (2024) Season 01 Details Info:

Release Date: March 1, 2024
Language: French
Country: France
Genre: Action, Crime, Drama
Platform: Netflix
Star Cast: Lina El Arabi Marina Foïs Mathieu Kassovitz Steve Tientcheu Quentin Faure Jeremy Nadeau Sandor Funtek Alex Brendemühl Anne Azoulay Eye Haidara
Director: Cedric Nicolas-Troyan, Samuel Bodin, Laura Weaver


Production Company: Daïmôn Films Empreinte Digitale
Quoc Dang Tran
David Giordano
Eric Laroche
Jean-Yves Arnaud
Yoann Legave
Mathilde Arnaud
Leonie De Rudder
France Lanot
Claire Le Luherne
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Frequently Asked Questions On Furies (2024) Full Season 01 Series Reviews Cast Where To Watch And Plot: Everything You Need To Know


What Is The Main Plot Of Furies Season 01?

The series delves into the Paris criminal underworld and the struggle for power among six families.

Who Are The Main Cast Members In the Furies Series?

Dong Anh Quynh stars in this action-packed drama directed by Veronica Ngo, alongside a talented ensemble.

Where Can I Watch The Furies (2024) Series?

You can watch the Furies (2024) series on Netflix, following the gripping narrative of revenge and power.

What Sets Furies Apart From Other Crime Series?

Furies’ unique storyline, intense drama, and stellar performances make it a must-watch for crime genre enthusiasts.

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