How To Store Information in Our Memory Efficiently

How to use a branch of the method of Loci to store information in your memory as efficiently as possible for short and or long periods of time. The method of the Loci is also commonly called the matter walk. It is a memory-enhancing technique that employs visuals to organize and recall information. Many memory contest champions claim to use this technique in order to recall phases, digits, and lists of words.

This whole memory palace technique is based on the fact that we are extremely good at remembering places we know. How to build a memory palace.

First, define a palace, and select a place you want to use as a memory palace. This location should be very clear in your thoughts. When selecting the place, I suggest you use a place which you already know like your home, your city or your office. It is entirely up to you to choose your memory palace and map it out well in your mind.

Second, define a route, In the place you decide to define a set of locations one after the other creating a route. Each one of those locations will be the anchor point where you will be able to memorize an item. If it is your 1st time create a simple route with just a few points. Every room in the House version has a distinct object you wish to remember. Really visualize the place you choose.

Take the route, walk through the house and your palace will be established and the fur tip memorizes the route. When using the palace, you must be clear on the path you must take. For this purpose, memorize the route. Repeat it several times until you know it by heart.

Here are some exercises:

  • Think of a list of what you want to remember. A shopping list or your diary for the week ahead.
  • Start visualizing the first place of your palace. Visualize clearly the location. Soon your memory will show you the whole image you put in that location. It is important to make your images as animated and bizarre as possible.
  • Visualize the first item on the list at the first place of the palace. In order to remember easily, you must create vivid visualizations. From the image you get, retrieve the data you memorized at that point. Repeat point two with the second location of the palace and the second item on the list.

Continue until you have remembered all of the items on the list. And the last part, if you want to remember the items for a long time, repeat the whole process the next day and once again the next week.

Here is the second exercise and this one is on your own. Generate a list of 20 cities you would like to visit. Use the memory palace to memorize them.

And last exercise, go to the cinema and watch a movie you like. Use the memory palace to memorize all the names of the people in order of appearance. and the last exercise generates a list of 15 books you would like to read. Use the memory palace to memorize them. Thank you very much and I’m looking forward to hearing from you how this method works. Give it a try. Take it as exercise. If you don’t want to, don’t make it a habit. It’s just like fitness. If you want to train your focus and concentration, this method works. Just give it a try. Thank you very much.

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