Why Time Management Doesn’t Exist!

Let’s look at some of the killer myths and beliefs that hold a lot of people back from ever being productive. Over the last few years, I have realized that there are really three things that most people think or believe that actually hold them back and are not serving them at all.

Let’s blow those away right now before we really get into the systems. Number one is this belief of time management. The reality is, there is no such thing. Time management doesn’t actually exist, and that’s because it’s true that it’s impossible to actually control time. Having this mindset and approach that you are going to somehow manage time is a really poor idea because what it does, is cause you to think about something at which you can’t really be successful, it sets you up from the wrong perspective.

What it’s really all about is that you can only control how you use the time that you are actually given. You and I, and every other super successful person in the world, are given the exact same amount of time each day, each week, each month, and each year. The question of how it is that some people become super successful and most people don’t, it’s not because those people have more time.

What it’s really about is priority management. The distinction is that successful productive people are consciously deciding in advance what their priorities are going to be, and then building their entire system and day around achieving those priorities rather than allowing all the non-important fires and problems and hassles and tasks that get in most people’s way. That’s a really important thing to understand, is forget about the idea of time management. It’s about priority management. In the second lesson, we are going to analyze the second killer myth that holds people from ever being productive.

How To Overcome The Victim Mentality

Let’s discuss another bonus thing, overthink. A mistake or belief that people have is thinking, well, I have to do this. Think about this. You are literally in control of deciding what you do and you don’t do each and every day, each and every hour, each and every minute. The problem is that most people will think, oh well, I have to do this. Maybe it’s because of a commitment they have made or a deadline or an urgency that is coming. The problem is that most entrepreneurs and business owners, again, don’t consciously think in advance about what their priorities are going to be. They say yes to everything, as opposed to only letting in the things that are going to help move them forward in the priorities they have set for themselves.

The moment you place your ability to manage yourself outside of yourself, you are a victim. When you are starting to say, oh well, I have to do this, I have to do that, that means
you are no longer in control of making that decision and you are making yourself a victim. Basically, you can either be a victim or you can be successful. You cannot be both.
You can be creating results or you can be creating reasons, or in other words, excuses. But you cannot have both. You will not get results if you make excuses. That’s fundamentally what this is about. What you’ve got to do is all about connecting with your true priorities, again, being really clear about what your priorities are, and then building everything around that.
My goal here is to help you become aware of how important it is for you to create priorities in your business and in your life. That’s really the message here.

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